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VensureCap Venture Capital Funds

Our Funds bring together the expertise of experienced partners, existing assets under management, a strong deal pipeline and a diversified investment return approach, making them the ideal investment vehicles to leverage real growth opportunities on the continent and beyond.

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VensureCap Funding

  • 01

    VensureCap Fund 1

    VensureCap Fund 1 was funded internally and focused on emerging technology enabled high-growth private equity investments in South Africa. The Fund invested in four niche companies and is now closed for new commitments.
  • 02

    VensureCap Fund 2

    VensureCap Fund 2 will support carefully crafted sustainable investment projects in order to generate measurable social impact alongside a financial return. The fund will focus on viable and innovative technology enabled prospects in the agricultural, automotive, education, engineering, financial, and transport sectors that demonstrate out-of-the-ordinary deal flow and significant growth opportunities.

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